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A mindful morning routine can kickstart your day with positivity and a greater feeling of ikigai.Creating space for rituals in the morning is like setting the stage for positivity, helping you stay focused, easing stress, and finding your inner calm before the day's hustle begins. It helps to ground us and give us a feeling of intention and purpose.I know it is sometimes hard to find time in our busy

The Expat Life Cycle Being an expat and living this global lifestyle brings particular challenges and opportunities that we often don’t experience when we stay in the cosy comforts of our home country. Moving to a foreign country takes bravery, resilience, and a true sense of adventure. Between the language and cultural differences, stacks of admin required, and finding and establishing new routines, the expat experience is beautiful but certainly

Easing into Expat Life As August arrives, it brings with it a bittersweet sense of transition. The long days of summer are winding down, and for many expat families, this marks the beginning of a new chapter as they prepare for the return to work and school routines. The sunsets may signal the end of vacations and lazy afternoons, but they also herald the promise of fresh beginnings and opportunities.

What’s your mindset and what expat narrative do you embrace in your expat life?Change your expat narrative, change your experience, change your life.Before embarking on an expat journey and once arrived in our new country, we expats often tell ourselves various narratives that reflect our expectations, hopes, and concerns for our life abroad. These expat narratives are constructed in our brains based on our past experiences and reflect our personal, professional

Cultivating Your Positive Expat Mindset Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself.  At Vibrant, we talk about "cultivating your positive expat mindset" when referring to how we want to show up in our expat lives. Cultivating your positive expat mindset means thinking on purpose, having thoughts that serve you, trying to leave behind those that don’t, and growing your

The Next Move Abroad The summer is around the corner and for many of us expats that means the season of change. Not just the seasonal arrival of hot, balmy nights and glasses of rosé on the terrace, but the season of moving abroad and uprooting once again. It may not be the first time you have moved away from your home, but maybe there are kids in tow this

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