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Vibrant Expat Life 

Our expat services are personalized and unique to each expat woman we work with but the results are always the same - helping you build a happy, fulfilling and exciting life abroad.

We know that not every expat woman needs the same level of support.

That’s why we have different services available to you, to meet you right where you are on your expat journey.

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The Expat Express

The quick fix for when you just need a bit of support to get you going in those first few months.

Start building your new life in just 2 weeks.

1:1 Coaching

Our signature expat coaching program helps expat women like you lead vibrant, meaningful and integrated lives abroad.

We meet you right where you are on your expat journey

The expat express package will help you work through the ups and downs of those first few months, giving you the support you need when you arrive in your new country.

With our 1:1 expat coaching, you have the opportunity to go deeper in your personal development, finding greater meaning, purpose and joy in your daily expat life.

We can’t wait to see you inside…