Expat Coaching Program 

Everything you need for a happy life abroad.

Are you an expat woman who feels unsettled in your life abroad?

Are you an expat woman who…

  • feels stuck and struggles to find your place and purpose in your new home
  • often feels lonely and isolated
  • often thinks life just feels hard when you thought expat life would be glamorous and exciting
  • loves your new life and are grateful but something is missing
  • wants to create a project (professional or personal) while being on expat but you don't know where to start and how to reach your goals
  • finds yourself waiting for your spouse to come home, eager for the weekend or for your next holiday - it’s hard to be in the present moment and enjoy your daily life
  • wishes you had more ways to feel satisfied, motivated and joyful
  • wants to take your personal development journey to the next level and find greater meaning in your life abroad

Expat life is so exciting. The adventure, the mindblowing experiences, the newness of everything.

The feeling of freedom we get from being out in the world on our own, free to do and be as we please.

There are so many advantages to this global lifestyle.

But no one said it would be easy - in fact, it is downright hard.

The rollercoaster of emotions we feel.

Some days are great and others are filled with challenges.

Missing “our people” and the unease we often feel in our daily life.

We were once struggling expats who felt isolated, lonely and unsettled in our new life.

And after many years of moving, exploring, struggling, and adapting, we now know exactly what it takes to have empowering and happy experiences abroad - no matter where on the globe we land.

Not only has our methodology worked for us to find greater purpose, motivation and joy in our lives, but it has worked for others, too.

"I really enjoyed learning about the Ikigai philosophy. It was straightforward and easy to understand and gave a clear structure of ways for me to connect with my purpose. It reinspired something in me. The facilitation by Karly was also really good. She was knowledgable, pleasant to listen to and easy to speak with. I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and experiences with her."

"This philosophy is so refreshing and raw that it really can help anyone narrow down (or find!) the certain things in life to look forward to, to be grateful for, and to be excited about as well as realign their ship if they are feeling off-course! The exercises that Karly walked me through really tapped into something for me personally and opened my brain and heart in a way I didn't know I had the capacity for!"

"Karly teaches and lives the power and depth of the Ikigai concept with knowledge and grace. Let her share this potent tool with you and guide you to an expat life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy."

Will it work for you, too? Yes, it will. We promise.

- with Karly & Chloé

Your Expat Coaching Program

Our signature 1:1 expat coaching program is uniquely designed to help our expat clients lead more fulfilling lives abroad.

We use the ikigai philosophy to help you build more self-awareness, focus on what is important to you, and proactively approach each day with motivation and joy.

This expat coaching program will help you…

Define your core values
Work on setting your boundaries
Approach life with greater motivation and joy
Take control of your life
Set your small and big goals (personal and professional)
Find meaning and purpose in your daily life
Gain clarity on what you love, what your skills and talents are, and what makes you vibrate in your life
Understand who you are and uncover your authentic self
Feel you have a bright future to look forward to with a sense of direction
Make choices that are aligned with who you are, your needs, and your values
Feel a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and empowerment
Go through the difficult periods of your life with more ease, peace, and acceptance

What makes this program unique and powerful?

The structure of our expat coaching program uses the groundbreaking work of psychiatrist, linguist and mother of ikigai, Kamiya Meiko.

Kamiya Meiko identified 8 needs that must be satisfied in order to have a high level of well-being in our lives.

As expats, we lose many of these basic needs when we move abroad and must then work towards satisfying them in our new homes.

Our coaching program takes you through these 8 needs so you can start to fulfill them once again.

We bring together our experience as expats with the 8 needs of ikigai to help you go from being a struggling expat, to a confident, self-assured and integrated global woman.

The exponential benefits:

Once you understand this philosophy you will be able to return to it over and over again throughout various expatriations, and throughout your life - expat or not.

Understanding these 8 needs is a game changer for how we show up as expats and how we live our lives.

What can I expect?

Our signature 4-month expat coaching program includes:

  • 8 personalized 1:1 sessions to help you reach your goals for your expatriation (personal and/or professional) and work on the blocks that prevent you from moving forward
  • Workbooks and exercises during and in between sessions
  • Unlimited WhatsApp / Email while we work together


Free “Awaken Your Ikigai” 2-hour workshop included


The Expat Mindset Workbook

1399$ or 4 x 369$

You decide what your time abroad looks like.

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