What has expatriation changed for me?

October 31, 2022 in Ex-pat, Personal Development

expat woman in the US

What has expatriation changed for me?




Having the opportunity for expatriation completely changed my life. It changed the way I live it and the way I perceive it. It changed the way I embrace my life and how I enjoy my life.


When we go on expatriation, we go to meet another country, another culture, and another way of communication. But not only… 


We also, and above all, meet ourselves. As an expat, I believe this is the most beautiful part of this great expatriation journey.


We must face our fears, confront our limiting beliefs and address the darker parts of our personalities. We are forced to leave our comfort zone and live outside of what is comfortable. We have to start from scratch in many aspects of our existence: our environment, friends, work, hobbies, routines, and daily life.


Even going to the supermarket and finding the food we like to eat can be a real ordeal.

expat woman in the Grand Canyon

It takes a lot of energy and resilience to push through every day in our new lives. But, it also brings us a huge sense of freedom and creative power!


At first, it's hard and then slowly we recreate our bubble, our new life. We gain confidence, get used to our new routines and suddenly, life is wonderful.

We are where we should be. 

In this expat life, we live crazy experiences and have unforgettable adventures. We meet incredible people and make new friends for life. We open our minds to other ways of operating and communicating, and we learn to see life from different perspectives.


And that's when you realize how rich this adventure is and oh how grateful you are to be able to live it.


If you have the opportunity to go on expatriation, do it. You will never regret it!




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