Expat Life

- with Karly & Chloé

-  coaching with Karly & Chloé 

Just arrived in your new home and don’t know where to start?

Expat Coaching

- with Karly & Chloé

- with Karly & Chloé 

Just arrived in your new home and don’t know where to start?

Welcome fellow expats,

We’re Karly & Chloé, and we’re so glad you are here.

We give newly arrived expat women, like you, the tools, resources and support you need to thrive in your expat life.

Our approach to successfully navigating expat life is grounded in the authentic Japanese philosophy of finding and establishing meaning in life - ikigai. Using this beautiful philosophy, we support you as you move through the ups and downs of this exciting global lifestyle.

Welcome fellow expats

We’re Karly & Chloé, and we’re so glad you are here.

We give newly arrived expat women, like you, the tools, resources and support you need to thrive in your life abroad.

Our approach to successfully navigating expat life is grounded in the authentic Japanese philosophy of well-being - ikigai. Using this beautiful philosophy, we support you as you move through the ups and downs of expat life.

Does this sound like you?

  • I feel a bit lost and don’t know where to start
  • I often feel lonely and isolated
  • I miss my family, friends and community
  • My expat life is amazing, and I am grateful, but something is missing
  • I eagerly wait for my spouse to come home from work, for the weekend to arrive, or for my next vacation - it’s hard to enjoy my daily expat life
  • I am wondering if moving abroad was the right choice

You are certainly not alone. We know what you are going through. We’ve been there…many times before.

With over 20 years of expat experience between us, four languages, two coaching certifications and a whole lot of love and compassion for our fellow expats, we strive to help struggling expat women - like you, like us - not just survive but thrive in their new life abroad.

Do you want to feel more…

  • at home in your new country
  • at ease and comfortable in your everyday activities and interactions
  • connected to your local community with friends and likeminded people around you
  • confident and self-assured
  • capable of building and sustaining a happy expat life

…then, friend, you have come to the right place - we’ve got you.

Our Expat Coaching Services

Available in French and English

Our expat coaching services are personalized and unique to each expat woman we work with but the results are always the same - helping you build a happy, fulfilling, and exciting expat life.

Below you'll find some free resources to help you get unstuck, feel better, and ease your landing into your new expat life.


5 essential steps to start feeling ikigai as an expat

FREE (Coming Soon)

5 characteristics of a successful expat


6 tips for making your expat landing  smoother

The Expat Express

Expat coaching & toolkit that gives you what you need to start building your new expat life in just 2 weeks.

1:1 Expat Coaching Program

Our signature 4-month program for expat women who want to lead vibrant, meaningful and integrated lives abroad.

Our clients are often: first-time expats, trailing spouses, diplomats, well-seasoned expats, digital nomads, moms…

We also work with international companies and associations looking to provide support to their expat communities and employees.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help support the expatriates in your organization, please send us an email.

 "ikigai is not the end but the beginning of a life worth living"

- Gordon Matthews

We understand

the challenges of expat life

Expat life can be tough.

We have to build our lives again from scratch, and even the most basic of routines and activities come with added challenges.

Where do I buy my shampoo? How do I find a doctor or school supplies for my kids? I don’t speak the language, how will I be able to follow a yoga class? When will it stop taking what seems like an eternity to pick what pasta sauce to buy for dinner?

Navigating everyday life as a newly arrived expat can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have to dig deep in our well of resources to show up in situations that may have been quite easy and enjoyable in the past, and are now challenging and often incredibly humbling.

When nothing seems simple and everything requires effort, we can be left feeling lost and drained, and we may question where we can find meaning and purpose in this new expat life.

As an expat, we go through these challenges without having the support of our family and friends around us and we can often feel lonely. Even when we reach out to them for a chat or support, they don’t always understand the challenges we face, and we may end up feeling misunderstood.

Expat life is an amazing adventure.

We experience an immense amount of change, growth, and freedom. Living abroad requires getting out of our comfort zone, trying new things, tackling challenges, learning from these situations, and getting to know ourselves better.

However, when we first arrive in our new country it can be challenging to know where to start and how to navigate our new life.

As seasoned expats, we have the key ingredients for living a fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life abroad.

Through our expat coaching, we support you to build your community, develop your new routine and find direction in your expat life.

We are there to hear your challenges, support you, and celebrate your successes while keeping you accountable and motivating you when the going gets tough.

Do you want to thrive in your new expat life? What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

The authentic Japanese philosophy of finding and establishing meaning in life - ikigai

Arriving in a new country presents itself with particular challenges to our state of well-being.

Kamiya Mieko, the mother of ikigai, identified 8 needs that must be satisfied in order to have a high level of well-being in our lives. As expats, we lose many of these basic needs when we move abroad and must then work towards fulfilling them from scratch in our new homes.

Knowing and working through these 8 needs is a game-changer for the way you show up in your expat life. It helps you build self-awareness, gain clarity about your life direction, and embrace the joys in your daily life.


This workshop made me want to continue with a more personalized and targeted session to continue to understand the ikigai philosophy. It also made me want to continue this work towards a more professional goal. Thank you Chloe for your kindness and your commitment!
For people who follow you on instagram, where there are plenty of tips distilled and plenty of content, coming to this workshop already felt familiar, it was a great feeling!


"I really appreciate Karly and the work we did together. She was patient and worked with me through things that I sometimes felt were overwhelming. She gave me a very personal experience and it never felt generic. Overall Karly really helped me achieve my goals and I had fun while doing it!"


Karly teaches and lives the power and depth of the Ikigai concept with knowledge and grace. Let her share this potent tool with you and guide you to an expat life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy.


I attended this workshop during a particularly intense period of transition in my personal life and career and found it incredibly valuable for clarifying sources of meaning and flow, as well as for identifying patterns that are not in alignment with my current values and development as an individual.
Karly was an amazing facilitator and I especially appreciated how she situated the concept of ikigai in its cultural context.


"I had a wonderful experience with Vibrant. I had four hours of coaching, and in such a short time I noticed significant changes in my outlook and confidence . Chloé is so caring, and you feel like you can confide in her without being judged and that feels really good."


I really enjoyed the workshop and learning about the Ikigai philosophy. It was straightforward and easy to understand and gave a clear structure of ways for me to connect with my purpose. It reinspired something in me. The facilitation by Karly was also really good. She was knowledgeable, pleasant to listen to and easy to speak with. I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and experiences with her.


"I took the "Awaken Your Ikigai" workshop and I highly recommend it! I didn't know much about this Japanese philosophy and Chloe was able to explain to us what the ikigai philosophy was in a simple and insightful way. In just 2 hours, I have already acquired tools that will allow me to build my future projects, motivate myself and face changes with serenity. Chloe is pleasant, motivating and benevolent, you feel confident! This made me very eager to follow the 1:1 coaching program to move forward on my life's path, in a thoughtful and accompanied way."


"The Ikigai workshop "Awaken Your Ikigai" was so enlightening for me. The exercises that Karly walked us through really tapped into something for me personally and opened my brain and heart in a way I didn't know I had the capacity for! The philosophy is so refreshing and raw that it really can help anyone narrow down (or find!) the certain things in life to look forward to, to be grateful for, and to be excited about as well as realign their ship if they are feeling off-course! I enjoyed it so much that I talked about what I learned in the workshop to my therapist and she got so excited to learn about it too. Sharing the goodness."


A huge thank you!

I came to the "Awaken your Ikigai" workshop not knowing necessarily where it would lead me. Chloe knew right away how to surround me with kindness and guide me step by step towards awareness, reflections on my life and my habits through several exercises, explanations and very enriching discussions. During these 2 hours, you will become aware of the things that animate your life and leave this workshop boosted with the desire to deepen everything you have seen with Chloé. Such an awakening, a REAL one!


"Thank you so much for hosting our Wellness Workshop today - It was absolutely incredible and I loved the 3 ingredients concept you shared, I took a lot of notes and you got me contemplating all of those questions - we are so appreciative of you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and passion with our community, so many women are going to be impacted by it!

Shay Brown

COO + Co-Founder of Bucketlist Bombshells

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