Find Your Ikigai

I = Invest in yourself
K = Kindle your ikigai flame
I = Intentionally live your life with clarity and joy

Are you looking for greater clarity on how to live a purpose-driven life with motivation and joy?  

By uncovering your true self, you can pursue a life direction that aligns with your values, needs, and goals, enabling you to feel more satisfaction and joy in your daily life.


Join our workshop to learn and discuss the Japanese concept of ikigai, and how this philosophy can influence your well-being.

1:1 coaching

Take a deep dive into the 8 needs of ikigai: gain clarity about your life direction, feel empowered and get to know yourself better.

  • We are two of only a few trained and certified ikigai coaches using the authentic Japanese philosophy of ikigai.
  • Our approach to ikigai and the framework we use with our clients come from the mother of ikigai, Kamiya Mieko, and her groundbreaking work Ikigai Ni Tsuite -the Japanese bible of ikigai.
  • Kamiya Mieko identified "8 needs" we must satisfy to have a strong sense of ikigai, or well-being, in our lives. Knowing and working through these 8 needs is a gamechanger for the way you show up in the world.
  • It helps you build self-awareness, gain clarity about your life direction, and embrace the joys in your daily life.

Dip your toes in ikigai with our workshop and start to feel your ikigai or take a deep dive with our 1:1 ikigai coaching program where we take everything in the workshop to the next level.

We can’t wait to see you inside…


This workshop is approximately 2 hours long with a small group of women participating in an open and comfortable space to discuss the Japanese concept of ikigai, and how this philosophy can influence your well-being.

This workshop is for you if

  • You want to learn more about the authentic ikigai philosophy and how it can improve your well-being
  • You want to work on your personal development, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to start building your self-awareness and get to know yourself better
  • You want to gain new perspectives during your personal growth and development journey
  • You are interested in the 1:1 coaching program but you are not sure if the timing is right or if you need it

This workshop will help you…

Understand the authentic Japanese philosophy of ikigai and the myth that surrounds this concept

Identify and acknowledge the small things that bring you joy and happiness

Start to uncover your ikigai(s)

Explore what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose in your life

Set you on the journey to know and understand your true self

USD $89

Our signature ikigai coaching program

1:1 coaching: FIND YOUR IKIGAI

In our signature 1:1 ikigai coaching program, we take everything from the workshop to the next level. Take a deep dive into the 8 needs of ikigai and understand yourself better. Through this personalized ikigai coaching program, you will gain clarity of self, build your self-confidence and feel empowered with a clear sense of direction in your personal and professional life.

This 1:1 ikigai coaching program is for you if

  • You feel stuck and unsure about the direction your life should take
  • You want to create a project (professional or personal) but you don't know where to start and how to reach your goals
  • You are struggling to be in the present moment, to enjoy what is happening in the here and now because you dwell on the past or you worry about the future
  • You feel like you aren’t in control of your own life, and you are just going through the motions
  • You feel like your life has become routine and uninteresting
  • You want to take your personal development journey to the next level
  • You want to find meaning and purpose - your reason for being - in your life

This ikigai coaching program will help you…

Define your core values

Work on setting your boundaries

Approach life with greater motivation and joy

Take control of your life

Set your small and big goals (personal and professional)

Find meaning and purpose in your daily life

Gain clarity on what you love, what your skills and talents are, and what makes you vibrate in your life

Understand who you are and uncover your authentic self

Feel you have a bright future to look forward to with a sense of direction

Make choices that are aligned with who you are, your needs, and your values

Feel a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and empowerment

Go through the difficult periods of your life with more ease, peace, and acceptance

USD $1399 or Pay 4x USD $369/month

What is included in this ikigai coaching program:

  • 8 personalized 1:1 sessions exploring how you can satisfy the 8 needs of ikigai to achieve your goals and work on your blocks.
  • Workbooks and exercises
  • Use of well-being, psychometric tools developed by Japanese researchers to evaluate and follow the evolution of your ikigai
  • Unlimited WhatsApp / Email while we work together
  • Roadmap of your ikigai(s)
  • Your unique ikigai board

BONUS: Free “Awaken Your Ikigai” 2-hour workshop included

"Chloé and Karly are vibrant members of the Ikigai Tribe community, full of warmth, kindness, wisdom, and positive energy. Fun, engaging, and intelligent, they both bring unique and thoughtful perspectives to the community while always remaining respectful to others and the ikigai concept."

Ikigai Tribe

"Ikigai Tribe coach, Chloé Le Gouche - compassionate, energetic, diligent, playful and professional.

If you are lost in the chaos of life or looking for guidance, reach out to Chloé."

Nicholas Kemp

Founder Ikigai Tribe

"Karly is a compassionate, caring and dedicated mentor and coach. As a participant of my ikigai coach certification program, I will be forever grateful for her joining the Ikigai Tribe community.

Stoic, humorous and authentic Karly's contribution to my Ikigai Tribe community has been both inspiring and impactful. I always looked forward to the calls with Karly as I knew what she had to offer would be unique and thought provoking.
It doesn't happen very often that member joins your community who inspires you to do better. Karly's wisdom and perspectives opened my eyes wider to see more, motivating me to consider other possibilities. I see more in people thanks to her.
If you want to get closer to being the person you want to be, Karly has the patience, wisdom and guidance to help you face your fears to free you from your mental constraints and be your true self."

Nicholas Kemp

Founder Ikigai Tribe

Want to know how to feel more ikigai? 

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