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What has expatriation changed for me? Everything.  Having the opportunity for expatriation completely changed my life. It changed the way I live it and the way I perceive it. It changed the way I embrace my life and how I enjoy my life. When we go on expatriation, we go to meet another country, another culture, and another way of communication. But not only…  We also, and above all, meet ourselves. As an

Is procrastination something you do often?  Are you the kind of person who procrastinates?  Saying to yourself, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow". Always putting off a task, action or project? Always putting off deadlines or not spending time on tasks that are essential to achieving your goals?  Do you have problems with organization, self-esteem or stress? When we arrive in our new country, the shock can sometimes be so strong

Integrating ikigai into expat life Living as an expat has so many advantages. We get to travel to new places and live as the locals do, something vacations can only touch upon. We can explore cultures with nuance and depth while learning languages, expanding our perspectives and opening our minds. As expats, our daily life is an adventure. Things that were commonplace back home now offer a new twist of

Yoga and the Meaning of Ikigai~ Two sides of the same coin? What is the meaning of ikigai according to the Japanese?  How do yoga and ikigai come together?  What are the similarities? How do they work together to enhance our well-being? On a recent trip to Costa Rica, Karly was invited to talk about yoga and ikigai with the yogis at Bodhi Surf and Yoga in Uvita, Costa Rica.

We have all heard " be the best version of yourself "...On the surface, " be the best version of yourself " is seemingly harmless and possibly even a motivational phrase that helps us think about pushing ourselves to succeed, reach our potential, and be the person we want to be. Reaching high, setting goals, and wanting to excel are worthy endeavors; I am not suggesting that we should not have

Why is it hard to realize that changing careers is necessary?Changing careers affects all aspects of your life - professional and personal. The professional life and the personal life are linked and intertwined with each other. One will impact the other and vice versa. For most of us, we spend eight hours a day, five days a week at work. A big part of our life is spent there. We organize

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