Karly & Chloé

We are trained and certified ikigai coaches in the authentic and beautiful ikigai philosophy. We help you live in the present moment, build self-awareness and self-acceptance, and have a greater sense of purpose and direction in your life. 

Our life experiences have given us multiple perspectives from which we coach our clients

  • We are certified ikigai coaches, NLP Masters  & Ikigai Tribe members
  • We are wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers (one of us to children and one a cat mom)
  • We are ex-pats, trailing spouses and lifelong travelers
  • We have struggled with career paths, job transitions, and mid-life challenges
  • We know what it feels like to put ourselves last and everyone else first
  • We have experienced the joy but also the heaviness of mothering young children

As women, we know the many roles we are expected to play; recognizing the joys this can bring, but also the challenges that come with these expectations.

We have made it our life’s work to help empower women like you with the tools of ikigai so you can live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

We hope that with a greater understanding of this beautiful philosophy, women everywhere can live a life honest to themselves, with a greater sense of joy and purpose in their daily living, passing it down to our children for generations to come.

"Have the courage to look deeply within yourself and get comfortable there. Be curious and begin to uncover and understand the things that make you vibrate. And when you find them, enjoy them, live them, be them. Ride the glorious wave of ikigai.”

Karly & Chloé


For years I was going through the motions, bouncing from one thing to the next, always finding happiness in my work and activities but fleeting satisfaction.

As a long-term ex-pat, trailing spouse, and mother of two children, I have had the privilege of traveling the world, learning new languages, and having some beautiful adventures.

But it has also meant applying for new jobs every time we moved, finding myself alone A LOT, juggling work and kids in a new country and language, and needing to find the energy to recreate my social networks repeatedly.

We moved internationally six times in 11 years, and somewhere along the way, I had lost my sense of self. I had lost my why.

The things that had grounded me in my previous life seemed like distant memories. My family and friendship circles - where I found my sense of belonging and purpose - were no longer a part of my daily life. I found it hard to engage in my hobbies due to a variety of reasons, though none valid enough to mention.

And I wasn’t carving out the time to practice self-love and self-care; a story many of us moms can relate to, ex-pats or not.

I wasn’t taking the time to do the inner work, to stop and reflect on how I was changing, to deeply consider what I wanted, and to understand who I was.

Identifying this lack of ikigai in my life was the first step to finding it.

In my personal development journey, I have my pursuit of mindfulness to help keep me grounded. My practice of yoga to bring together my body, mind, and spirit with increased awareness. And the tools of ikigai to help keep me honest with myself, authentic and motivated in my work and activities, and profoundly aware of where I find joy and a sense of purpose in my life.

I started Vibrant Ikigai because I know what it feels like to have a strong sense of ikigai, and what it feels like not to.

I believe understanding, knowing, and pursuing your ikigai changes everything.

I embrace this beautiful Japanese philosophy with every breath, and I feel compelled to share it with women in the world, like you, so that you too can live an empowered life with a strong sense of ikigai.

Living a purpose-driven life that is vibrant and fulfilling is available to you, too.

This is what I can help you with.

- Karly

*Karly is the Founder and Director of Vibrant Ikigai and Vibrant Gap Year.

Karly is a certified Ikigai Coach & Master NLP Life Coach. She is a trained practitioner in mindfulness and is pursuing a yoga teacher training certification as part of her own personal development. She also holds a BA in International Relations & a Master in International Development.

Certified ikigai coaches, Karly & Chloé, offer services in French and in English.
*At Vibrant, Karly works with English-speaking clients. To learn about how Karly can help you, click here.


I know that being a woman can sometimes be hard.

We experience pressures from the people around us and society - find the perfect job, be a perfect wife or mum, get married or have children, buy a nice house, be the best version of yourself all the time, be always more productive…

I’ve been there.

I know we can sometimes (or often) feel disconnected from who we are and what we want from our lives. I understand what it feels like to be a people-pleaser. I have spent most of my life trying to fit in, not listening to my needs, and not living true to myself.

I worked for a big corporate company for five years as a geoscientist. I loved the technical components of my work, but I hated the (non) human part of the job. I had the feeling I was just a pawn, and I was working without any real recognition, purpose or meaning.

We moved to the US as ex-pats just before the pandemic changed the world. I was without a job or any professional perspectives, living in a foreign country without my cultural bearings, my family, or my friends.

These two events made me realize several things. My career path wasn’t aligned with my values, life goals and ambitions, and I had to start listening to my needs and set personal boundaries. I needed to live my life true to myself, for me.

Changes needed to happen.

I went through a few rough months.

This period of my life pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to meet and understand who I really am. This was one of the biggest turning points in my personal and professional life.

Vibrant Ikigai was born out of this change and growth period.

Through the authentic Japanese philosophy of ikigai you go on a journey into yourself, to meet and understand the person you are. It helps you uncover your values, strengths, and what makes you vibrate in your life to regain your self-confidence and self-esteem.

This unique philosophy will give you the power back in your life and the power to make the right choices for yourself. You will be in charge of your life and will be empowered to go in the direction of your choosing.

This is what ikigai did for me. It changed how I see my life and how I live it.

I am happy and grateful to share my knowledge of the ikigai philosophy along with my personal experiences to help other women live empowered lives and find the freedom to be who they really are.

- Chloé

*Chloé is the Co-Founder and Community Manager of Vibrant Ikigai and Vibrant Gap Year.

Chloé is a certified Ikigai Coach & Master NLP Life Coach and is in the process of obtaining her certification in Positive Psychology to add another tool to her coaching skillset. Chloé has been studying personal development for over 10 years. She also holds a Master in Geology & a Ph.D. in Geosciences.

Certified ikigai coaches, Karly & Chloé, offer services in French and in English.
*At Vibrant, Chloé works with French-speaking clients. To learn about how Chloé can help you, click here.

Karly and Chloé are two of only a few certified ikigai coaches who are trained in the unique and powerful ikigai coaching framework and methodology approved by Japan’s leading ikigai authority, Clinical Psychologist Professor Akihiro Hasegawa, and developed by Nick Kemp of Ikigai Tribe.

At Vibrant Ikigai, Karly and Chloé use the ikigai philosophy to help women who are at a turning point in their lives; who want to gain greater clarity of their life path and life goals; who want to live with more vibrancy and purpose; who want more joy in their daily living...

Our clients are often: ex-pats, trailing spouses, those looking to change careers, moms…

If you are looking for a more fulfilling life and are ready to do the inner work, we would love to meet you and share the beauty of the ikigai philosophy.

In line with our core values, we are members of 1% for the Planet and give annually to environmental organizations.

Additionally, we support girl’s education, equity and empowerment. Some of the organizations we donate to each year include but are not limited to: UNICEF Equity for Girls, Malala Fund, and Girl Up.