Yoga and the Meaning of Ikigai ~ an interview

October 10, 2022 in Ikigai, Personal Development

Yoga and the Meaning of Ikigai~

Two sides of the same coin?

What is the meaning of ikigai according to the Japanese? 

How do yoga and ikigai come together? 

What are the similarities?

How do they work together to enhance our well-being?

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, Karly was invited to talk about yoga and ikigai with the yogis at Bodhi Surf and Yoga in Uvita, Costa Rica. In this interview, Karly reflects on these two beautiful philosophies and how they affect our well-being.


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Philosophies for everyone


Yoga is a physical and mental exercise practiced for thousands of years. In recent decades, yoga has captured the attention of people around the globe, and many have witnessed the benefits of a regular yoga practice. 


Bringing together the mind, body and spirit into harmonious alignment is a centerpiece of what we do on the mat. We enter a ‘flow state’ as we move with our breath and concentrate on what is happening in our bodies; only giving our attention to the present moment and leaving behind the to-do list, the worries of the future, and the weight of the past. 

Yoga helps us to bring our minds and body into the moment. It allows us to concentrate on “the here and now.”


To benefit from yoga, you don’t have to be a yogi. You can be old or young, fit or overweight. Yoga is an opportunity to be connected to yourself, to slow down your mind and be calm while strengthening your body.  

Yoga is for everyone.

The meaning of ikigai

Ikigai, while a Japanese word, is also for everyone. 

Ikigai is about building our self-awareness and pursuing areas of our life where we find satisfaction, happiness, and meaning. Through the clarity of self, we take conscious daily actions that give us motivation, bring us into ‘states of flow’, help us feel connected, and foster our self-confidence. 

Our yoga practice builds on our ability to feel ikigai in our lives. Developing our self-awareness, living in the present moment, letting go of our ego, and showing up ‘su’ or ‘plain’ on the mat allows our inner self to shine. 

If you want to learn more about the meaning of ikigai and how these two concepts of well-being come together, come and have a watch, and, as always, please get in touch if you have questions or comments.

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